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A Brief History

In the summer of 1984, Tom Welch, former owner of the Memorial Swim Club, created a developmental meet meant for swimmers 12 years and younger. The meet was called the Firecracker Meet. It was held at the Memorial Swim Club on or around the Fourth of July, hence the name “Firecracker.” The meet was open to any swimmer who was a member of a swim team within the Suburban Swim League and was 12 years or younger.

The purpose of the Firecracker Meet was to promote the growth and development of swimming throughout the Suburban Swim League. This meet was set up to allow the less experienced swimmer to compete as an individual at a level comparable to his or her own in the hopes of generating the experience needed to be competitive at a time trial meet. Entry times for swimmers were required to be slower than the 12th place qualifying time from the previous year’s Championships. The hope was to allow swimmers, who would normally not have qualified for Championships, a chance to compete against those closer to their ability.

When the Memorial Swim Club closed in 2001, the Firecracker Meet was moved to the Penn Acres Swim Club and the name was changed to the Stars & Stripes Meet. The purpose of the meet remains the same. Since the meet originated, the Suburban Swim League has expanded to allow 16 swimmers to qualify for Championships. This made way for the slight change to the qualifying times for the Stars & Stripes Meet. The 16th place qualifying time from the previous year’s Championships became the new cut-off time for the Stars & Stripes meet.

The Stars & Stripes Meet has become a bit smaller over the years, but still accomplishes its goal of assisting the development of the younger inexperienced swimmer. Tom Welch is still available for the meet each summer and helps in any way he can.

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