The Penn Acres Swim Club is a great place to take the family to cool off. We strive to make it a relaxing place to get away and catch some rays. We offer both individual and family memberships to suit your needs. The prices and fees can be found in the table below. We also have a new email address for you to submit requests and questions to:

We’re happy to announce that our membership rates will remain the same, with additional pricing for up to 10 family members, for the 2019 swim season. We need to continue building our membership and word of mouth is the best advertisement. We had more new family members last season than we did in years and it’s great to see so many new faces. We hope to see all of you again this year!

We will continue to have two types of membership: Bondholders and Non Bondholders. If you are a non bondholder and have been for a couple of years, you may want to consider purchasing a bond. A bondholder member has voting privileges and can run for any open board position. The bondholder membership is also less expensive. The purchase of a Pool Bond would pay for itself in less than two seasons. The pool still has a limited number of bonds available for $150. Non renewing Bondholders that would like to sell their bond can contact Kelli Hewes to be placed on a list of bonds for sale.

**** Please remember, if you do not renew your membership for the season, you must pay the Bond Maintenance Fee of $100 to keep your bond active. ****

Our current discounts for membership include:

  • $25 off if membership is paid in full before May 1, 2019
  • $50 off if any member is age 59 or older as of May 1, 2019

    DUES SCHEDULE Membership Type
    Non-Bondholder Bondholder
    Renewing Non-Renewing
    Individual Primary Member $325.00 $225.00
    Family Primary Member +
    1 additional member
    $375.00 $275.00
    Primary Member +
    2 additional members
    $425.00 $325.00
    Primary Member +
    3 additional members
    $475.00 $375.00
    Primary Member +
    4 additional members
    $525.00 $425.00
    Primary Member +
    5 or more additional members
    $575.00 $475.00
    Maintenance Fee
    (Non-Renewing Bondholders only)
    To pay online using your credit card, please pick from the below 2 options:**


A $7.00 service charge will apply to members using PayPal this year.
**The senior citizen discounted prices will show on the payment page.

Click Here for the 2019 Membership Form.
Click Here for a Printable Version of the Prices and Fees.

Other Payment Options

As in past years, we are including payment coupons for those who wish to make installments. Payments will be accepted in the amount of your choice. All payments need to be paid prior to the opening of the pool. We will continue with the discount for paying your membership in full by May 1, 2019 and the Senior Discount for members 59 years of age or older. Please note that only one discount can be taken on your membership.

Membership Guest Passes

Our pool offers guest passes to all of our active members. The passes are sold to offer our members the option of bringing in guests at a reduced cost. Guests must be accompanied by the current pool member and are not to be used in replacement of a membership. If you choose to bring a guest, you can pay a daily guest fee or purchase a guest pass. Each guest pass includes 10 guest entries and if you don’t use it in one season you can hold it for use in the following season.

Lifeguarding Positions

If you are interested in a guard position, please e-mail us. Lifeguards must be 15 years old and certified.  Certification classes are taught by the Girls and Boys club.

Snack Bar Positions

For those younger members that may want to work in the snack bar please contact Cindy Lagarelli by April 30th. The minimum age for working the snack bar is 12 years old.  

Pool E-Mail

We will continue to use the pool e-mail for most of our correspondence through the season;  Please contact us with any questions and the appropriate board member will respond.


Please check us out and like our Facebook account so you can be updated on events at the pool.  We are the Penn Acres Swim Club on Facebook.

Our board members would like to invite you to share any ideas or suggestions you may have for a successful season.  We are always looking for ways to increase the level of fun at the pool!


Michael Campbell